Columbus Avenue Bridge is Removed in Sandusky, Ohio

Mosser’s Heavy Civil Division is proud to be constructing a bridge that will be crossed by millions each year to enter Cedar Point Amusement Park. The original 103 year-old historic bridge on Columbus Avenue was beginning to show significant signs of wear and tear, and had it not been replaced, had the potential to become a dangerous safety hazard for pedestrians and vehicles.

First constructed in 1887, the iconic bridge was not designed for the water flow and travel demands it has today. Mosser’s work on the project includes removing the decaying bridge that has been causing flooding in Erie County due to the lack of water flow and constructing a new bridge in its place. At least 20 of the original stone blocks will be saved for a monument wall later in the project.

The project started on March 19 and is on schedule to be completed in mid-July to prepare for increased summer traffic. Demolition is complete and the team is currently working on the new foundation.

Measures implemented to keep the Columbus Avenue bridge team safe throughout the project include a complete road closure to eliminate traffic passing through the work zone. Proper road closure procedures are in place as well as a detour so that motorists can reach their destinations. A temporary pedestrian bridge was also constructed to allow on-foot traffic across the creek.

Once complete, the bridge will have a new, smooth surface, sanitary and water lines, new guardrail and the required safety standards that were not in place on the original bridge.

As we celebrate Work Zone Awareness Week, we consider all of the safety precautions that could be used to keep workers and commuters safe. Some of these precautions include a traffic controller, orange barrels, lane closures, speed limit reductions or a detour. Regardless of the measure, they all have a common goal: to keep all workers and motorists safe.  So as summer road work begins, it is important to prioritize the safety of the workers over how fast you can arrive at your destination.