Our solid track record delivers projects on time and on budget.

Mosser excels where others cannot. If your project has a complex schedule and budget, let Mosser take the lead.

Mosser becomes your construction advocate for a percentage of the cost of the project. While working closely with the architect to control project costs and schedule, Mosser provides overall management of the entire project, relieving you of the burden of construction so that you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Ensuring you get the greatest quality for your investment is paramount. Mosser’s CM services offer value engineering options and constructability reviews, resulting in the overall reduction of project cost. We manage safety and quality through our intensive subcontractor prequalification process, develop project-specific communication and coordination plans that include weekly meetings and project management software that seamlessly integrates all team members into the project and provides access to project information 24/7. Working as your project liaison, Mosser handles every one of these details, and more, from ground breaking to ribbon cutting.

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Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)

Using the Construction Manager at-Risk (CMR) delivery method, you receive the same benefits under the CM delivery method, while Mosser assumes risk on the project by holding subcontractor contracts and providing a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the project. An open book approach will also be used throughout the project so that you, as the owner, have the ability to see all costs associated with the project at all times.

As a self-performing CMR, Mosser has better control of quality, safety, schedule, costs, and manpower because we employ our own skilled trades that are highly trained and comply with our strict safety protocol. We also have the advantage of “in the trenches” knowledge of true construction costs and the best ways to build, ultimately saving you time and money on the project. This is why selecting Mosser as your CMR is an important first step in the success of your project.

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