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Identify issues before construction begins

We can offer our clients the opportunity to visualize their projects and maintain open communication with the owner, design team, and subcontractors through 3D modeling.

BIM Benefits:

  • Creates a safer workplace
  • Creates “What if?” scenarios
  • Increases consistency and coordination
  • Resolve conflicts between disciplines
  • Visualize build in simulated environment
  • Decreases errors in the field
  • Provides reliability of expected field conditions
  • Allows low cost prefab materials offsite
  • Can be utilized for construction sequencing

Identify issues before construction begins

Through Mosser’s in-house certified manager of building information modeling (CM-BIM), Mosser can produce a federated model composed of the 3D models provided by the design team and other key players on a project.

What is a federated model?

A federated model is a composite of all the 3D models that were created by trade, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and any other model that represents or is required for the project. From the federated model, Mosser is able to provide a visual walk-through, or fly-over, which enhances the ability to deliver interference-free designs.

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