Our Approach

It is our culture and expertise that gets projects through the finish line.

Our company has evolved around the people we serve, which has resulted in a strong reputation for integrity entwined with expertise. Mosser Construction firmly stands behind our commitment to get your project done on time and on budget, ensuring the highest quality and workmanship possible


Industry Experts. We balance technical expertise and grit to deliver projects on time and on budget, even during the most complex conditions.


We Own It. Many will say they own their work, but our people literally do. Mosser is 100% employee owned. Our clients work directly with the owners of Mosser. Our company is our people. Our success is our people.


Community Partners. We have a reputation for being good partners in our community. We carry out our work with integrity and quality that we are known for in the industry. We also look for ways to add value beyond our construction work.


Employee Owned

We’re proud to be a forward-thinking company.

By implementing our ESOP, the company is better able to position itself for future growth while personally rewarding employee owners. When you are working with the owner, you always get a better project.

Our History

The northern Ohio communities that surround us have undergone nearly complete transformations during Mosser’s history, and we’ve been involved in so much of it!

Firm Profile

Established in 1948, Mosser is a 100% employee-owned ESOP company.


Bonding Capacity: single aggregate




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Self-Performing Trades:

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Cement Masons

"We get involved early in your project to put in place the proper resources."

— Brian Geffe, P.E. President/CEO

Our Leadership

Our top management gets involved early in your project to get a good understanding of the complexities involved and to put in place the proper resources.

Our Awards

Having our work acknowledged and recognized fills us with pride and motivation to continue working with integrity and excellence.


Partners for Success

We truly respect the relationships we build with our clients and business partners; the architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders who work so closely with us. Partners for Success is not a fad or the latest business practice – it has been the Mosser way to do business since 1948; leadership turning potentially adversarial business relationships into mutual respect and teamwork that goes the extra mile for not only good of the project, but also the stakeholders. When all involved have the same commitment to success, our clients are the real winners.

Award Winning Approach

Throughout the years, Mosser Construction has integrated the beneficial aspects of Partnering in everything we do. The result has been more than a dozen awards for construction excellence from leading local, state, and national trade organizations.

We were the first Ohio contractor to win the Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Award from the AGC of America, and have won two Don Conaway Partnering Awards for exceptional partnering achievements from the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Ohio Contractors Association, as well as the John L. Martin partnered Project Of the Year Award, Ruby Level, from the International Partnering Institute (IPI).

Read more about Mosser Construction Awards.

Our Commitment to safety is an integral part of every task we perform.

In 1995, the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, which regulates and continually audits Worker’s Compensation, granted Mosser Construction, Inc., the privilege to be self-insured. Less than one half of one percent of employers in the State of Ohio meet their strict standards and are granted this privilege. Mosser Construction has met the strict standards by maintaining:

An Excellent Historical EMR​

  • A written safety program and manual in place defining field directives
  • Sound financial strength​
  • An in-house risk manager, responsible for handling claims fairly, in a timely fashion​
  • Full-time, on-site safety professionals to promote a safe work environment​
  • All Mosser supervisory personnel are 30-Hour OSHA trained​
  • Excellent safety program and active training for all employees.​

Mosser’s Safety Program

  • Is based upon an exceptionally strong upper-management commitment​
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA standards​
  • Requires quality and proactive training for all employees​
  • Is administrated and managed by full-time, on-site safety professionals​
  • Results in an excellent EMR (Experience Modification Rating)​
  • Includes in-house risk manager/safety director​
  • Ensures employee safety and sound financial strength​
  • Includes project superintendents who have completed 30-hour OSHA Certification​
  • Is the recipient of the Associated General Contractors’ 2005 Safety Excellence Award​ ​

“I was impressed with the attention towards safety on the site…As a result, we suffered no lost time injuries during the building phase in an environment that was very busy with big equipment and heavy loads moving around all day.”

— Fenner-Dunlop, Fenner-Dunlop Plant Addition