Mosser Project Manager Joins Mission Trip To Antigua

Mosser Trip

Last month, Mosser project manager Tony Perales joined Foundation Stone Church in Northwood, Ohio, on an eight-day mission trip to Antigua Guatemala for the purpose of purchasing and installing 30 Chispa stoves for the region’s residents. The Chispa stove is a cooking surface that provides a clean-burning cook stove and reduces smoke and carbon in their living quarters up to 90%. Each stove cost $165 U.S. currency.

Respiratory illness is a leading cause of death in Guatemala. One third of these deaths are children under the age of five. With the new Chispa stoves, residents will be removing harmful smoke from their living quarters, providing a healthier living environment while increasing efficiency through the reduction in the amount of wood that is being burned.

The mission team also installed a water filtration system that will help them to have safer and cleaner drinking water. Another mission trip is being planned for 2019 with the hope of improving even more lives through the installation of Chispa stoves. Thank you, Tony, for your dedication to making life better for those less fortunate.

Mosser Mission Trip
Trip to Antigua
Mosser Trip to Antigua

Wood burning stove.

New Chispa stove.

Tony Perales, far right, and some of the crew install a new Chispa stove.