Hamburgers, Hot Dogs And…Retirement? Oh, My!

The aroma of hamburgers and hot dogs was in the air as Mosser Construction celebrated our 2019 Summer Picnic Luncheon with a send-off to our newest retirees, Chuck Moyer and Joe Luzar!

Congratulations, Chuck and Joe, as you each set off on your next adventure in life!  You will be missed!

Mosser Employee Retirement
Mosser Employee gives speech
Mosser Speech
Orange Mosser Cake

We’re guessing your wife bought you that shirt, Chuck!

A few words from Joe Luzar.

Some kind words about Chuck and Joe from President/CEO, Brian Geffe.

Let them eat cake!

Mosser Lunch
Mosser Employees grilling for lunch
Mosser Lunch Retirement Party
Retirement Party Mosser

Enjoying the potluck lunch!

Andy Boedeker keeps an eye of Chefs A.J. and Al Mehlow.

Still enjoying the potluck lunch!

Chef A.J. Mehlow and Chef Al Mehlow with Brian Donnell.