BETCO Corporation: Addition, Renovation & Warehouse

Bowling Green, Ohio

This new 132,000 sf high-density storage warehouse features 18 truck docks with levelers, two standard dock overhead doors, and three (3 hrs) fire shutters. Located adjacent to the loading docks is an administrative space, comprised of a large open office area, conference room, lobby, and men’s and women’s restrooms.

A 3,100 sf H-3 storage area was designed and constructed (3-hr masonry wall, full height) in the northwest corner of the building with a dedicated entrance for security along with a secured overhead door leading into the warehouse.

The overall project duration, including design, was originally scheduled for 16 months. Phasing the design process allowed Mosser to start the foundations quickly along with ordering the pre-engineered metal building. With the balance of the design being completed shortly thereafter, all components were ordered and available to meet the schedule. The project was substantially complete two months ahead of schedule, allowing the owner to install all of the racking and warehouse
management software to track all the products.

Utilizing Mosser’s workforce to meet and exceed the foundation schedule not only allowed for the building to be erected in better weather, but also reduced the overall project schedule by two months. Unforeseen bad soils were mitigated by changing the traffic flow to allow Mosser to stabilize the soils with lime.

The project came in under budget and the savings were split with the owner.