Located at Kelleys Island on Lake Erie, the historical glacial grooves are recognized as a National Natural Landmark visited by more than 100,000 people annually. Over the past 50 years, the grooves showed significant signs of wear and tear. Mosser was the prime contractor selected for the site restoration and improvement project to protect the astounding 400-foot-long trough carved into the landscape 18,000 years ago.

The project included significant improvements to stormwater management, replacing an outdated chain link fence with a custom fit architectural railing system, and removing a dilapidated steel walk bridge with a modern, carefully crafted architectural pedestrian bridge. Mosser also integrated site enhancements within the rugged terrain to build out aesthetically appealing assets including the custom paver pattern design across the new plaza – selected to reflect the linear striations and colors of the grooves. And in addition, the masonry seat-wall built into the existing rock which Mosser discovered during the clearing of brush and debris. Multiple project add-ons were made to enrich visitor engagement, including one-of-a-kind selfie-shot locations and a platform described as suitable for weddings.

Throughout the project, Mosser prioritized customer service, accommodating visitors wishing to see the grooves, even during construction, aware it might be their only chance to tour the landmark. And all the while, Mosser navigated the logistical challenges associated with coordinating materials and equipment from the mainland across a passenger ferry during peak tourist season.

In the end, Mosser successfully completed the project, helping preserve the grooves for generations to come, leaving the landmark with a look more fitting for such a spectacular attraction.