Kenton City Schools Gymnasium and Stage Mosser

Kenton City Schools: PK-6 Elementary School

Kenton, Ohio

An exciting endeavor for Kenton City Schools, the new PK-6 Elementary School includes 53 classrooms with large extended learning areas that are accessible by all classrooms. The school is arranged into pods, and includes three science labs arranged by grade level. Throughout each pod, there are two music rooms and art rooms, a shared media center, dining area, a 538-seat gymnasium, and an additional 2,125 sf auxiliary gymnasium. The building is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system and phone network for student safety.

As LEED Silver Certified, the new school benefits from many sustainable features such as optimized energy performance, water use reduction, water-efficient landscaping, controlled lighting, and natural daylighting among many others.

Mosser’s work was completed under a single prime contract which included sitework, fire protection, plumbing, mechanical, and classroom furnishings. Mosser self-performed all concrete, masonry, and carpentry work.