ODOT: Lorain County I-90 New Interchange

Avon, Ohio

With the Avon Commons area always expanding, traffic was getting worse by the day. The only way to get there was by taking Rt. 83 or Detroit Road, and traffic was backing up past the exit ramps at I-90 and Rt. 83 during rush hour.  The new interchange now helps share the traffic burden and subsequently eases the commute of Avon residents.

Working as partners, Mosser Construction, ODOT, and the City of Avon were able to reduce the entire project from six phases to two by building temporary roads and modifying the traffic control scheme. This allowed the team to close the project from public traffic and make the project much easier and a lot safer. 

The project included:

  • 12,500’ of storm sewer drainage
  • 245,000 cy of embankment
  • 10,000 sf of mechanical stabilized earth walls
  • 2,500 cy of structural concrete
  • 17,000 cy of aggregate base