Ohio Woodbridge Business Park

Ohio Logistics: WMOG Warehouse - Woodbridge Business Park

Bowling Green, Ohio

The WMOG Warehouse for Ohio Logistics is a 250’ x 800’ pre-engineered metal building with an eave height of 43’-5”.  It features a 2’-8” CMU block abuse wall around the warehouse at the floor elevation and pre-engineered metal siding above.  The clear height for storage from the floor to the bottom of the steel roof beams in the warehouse is 39’-0”. 

The new warehouse also includes an office area that is 34’ x 60’ with CMU block walls outside the warehouse footprint. The office area has an open office space, two private offices, a break room, restrooms, and a fire pump room that provides sprinkler protection for the entire building.

This warehouse is the first building in the expansion of the Woodbridge Business Park, therefore, constructing a new roadway was necessary in order to gain access to the building off the existing business park roadway loop. The utilities (electric, gas, water) had to be extended down this new roadway and run to the building.