Riverview Health Care Campus Renovation/Addition

Oak Harbor, Ohio

The Riverview Heath Care Campus, located on the scenic Portage River, underwent a major renovation/addition adding approximately 20 assisted living units while also completely changing the lifestyle of residents. This exciting project added a “town center” complete with a library, salon, chapel, movie theater, multiple sitting areas and more.

Creating this new and enriching atmosphere required six phases of renovation throughout the existing facility, each taking place in a fully occupied facility. The renovation phases required collaboration with the owner on a daily basis to coordinate and schedule construction activities in order to minimize disruptions to the residents and staff. This process involved numerous resident and staff relocations as the renovation areas were completed in the facility.

The 8,000 sf new assisted living wing involved structural modifications to the existing building for the tie-in of the roof framing and foundations.

Site modifications at the south end of the Riverview campus became necessary due to the new addition requiring the staff and visitor parking lot to be completely re-configured. This included additional handicap parking, concrete curbs, and sidewalks for a new and improved traffic and parking pattern for the facility.