Pro-Tec Coating Company: New Plant

Leipsic, Ohio

Pro-Tec Coating Company is a partnership between U.S. Steel Group, a division of USX Corporation, and Kobe Steel, Ltd. of Japan.

Mosser was on-site completing more than $16 million of construction for Pro-Tec Coating. Mosser’s contracts involved the design and construction of a two-story, 14,000 sf pre-engineered office building that was completed in five months, the main structure of the 315,000 sf plant consisting of a pre-engineered building with varying eave heights of 50’, 100’, and the more than 200’ galvanizing tower; as well as the site work-excavation, underground piping, electrical conduits and foundations.

Challenges presented to Mosser on this project required increasing manpower by 300% to meet demanding scheduling requirements due to the release of drawings in phases. Massive concrete pours completed by Mosser’s own workforces included 2,500 cy in 10 hours, encasing more than one million pounds of rebar.