Route 6 Widening at Cedar Point Sports Force Facility

Sandusky, Ohio

Mosser’s ability to self-perform saved the schedule and over $300,000 on this road widening project that leads to the Cedar Point Sports Force Facility.

While serving as the CM at Risk, Cedar Point Sports Complex & Sports Medicine Center project, a subcontractor became unable to perform their work to widen US 6. To keep the project on its tight schedule, Mosser stepped in and self-performed the sitework, storm sewer installation, and road widening work.

The project consisted of installing 543’ of 43” x 68” concrete elliptical pipe along US 6 to allow two entrances and easier access to the Sports Complex. The addition of the turn lanes will decrease traffic backups on US 6. Along with the 543’ of new concrete pipe, Mosser also installed over 700’ of under drainage pipe that tied into two additional catch basins and one new manhole.

Mosser’s expertise was key to keeping this project on schedule. For example, implementing temporary traffic signals at each end of the project allowed one lane of traffic to be utilized. Without the use of the temporary signals, additional phasing would have been required which would have impacted the schedule, surpassing the time frame to pave the road.

Mosser brought the project in under budget through setting concrete elliptical pipe and by using natural fill dirt in place of originally planned premium backfill.