The University of Toledo Club Carlson Exterior

University of Toledo: Carlson Library Renovation

Toledo, Ohio

This project for the University of Toledo was the continuation of Phase I and Phase II renovations to the Carlson Library.  Phase III focused on work being completed on the first and second floors and included the installation of floor to ceiling glass on floors two through five, allowing more natural light into the University’s main library. 

When the renovations were completed on the east side in previous phases, the western half was left undeveloped.  This area has now been renovated into usable space so that the entire floor is functional.  In addition, the exterior wall on the eastern façade was removed and replaced with a glass curtain wall to allow natural light into the facility. 

Work started on the shelled area on the west side of the second floor and work during the summer months focused on the glass curtain wall, the eastern elevation, and renovations on the first floor. Despite spot closures of certain parts of the library during this time, the library remained open throughout the process.

The newly renovated library now features a stunning new glass wall, various seating and study spaces, group study room, active learning areas, conference rooms, group study rooms, technology classroom and veterans lounge among other amenities.