Sandusky School New Intermediate School Gym Floor Signing

Modeling their miniature Mosser hard hats and using “official” blue construction crayons, over 200 second graders of the Sandusky City School District signed their names on the concrete gym subfloor at the new Intermediate School.  Their “autographs” will be preserved under the final wood flooring in the gymnasium.  Mosser is the Construction Manager at Risk for the new Intermediate School project, as well as, the new Ontario School project for Sandusky City Schools.

The school is configured in “grade bands,” encouraging a collaborative environment among students, allowing teachers to ensure that students are receiving the same educational services for their respective grade levels.  The school features a Global Education Center (GEC), which encourages students to utilize the center for technology-based programs associated with the district’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) initiatives.

Scheduled to open for the 2020 academic year, the school also features more than 50 classrooms, a theater stage, outdoor play areas and more.