Vice President of the Highway Department Retires After 42 Years

Doug Shealy, Vice President of the Heavy Civil/Highway Department, retired at the end of 2020 after a 42-year career with Mosser.

Doug first joined the Mosser team in 1978 as an on-site project engineer and assistant to one of the superintendents.

A trusted member of Mosser’s leadership team, Doug oversaw the Heavy Civil/Highway Department and built and maintained relationships with clients such as the Ohio Department of Transportation and Ohio Turnpike Commission. He also served as a technical engineer for shoring applications and heavy concrete, as well as operational support for Mosser’s heavy equipment fleet.

Doug also presided as the President of Contractors Equipment, Inc., a sibling company to Mosser.

Douglas Shealy

What was your greatest accomplishment as a Mosser employee?

[My greatest accomplishment was] being an initiator of change. I always looked to move and implement new and improved technology to streamline our processes.

“Doug was not afraid to push the envelope on many things.  Whether trying out new tools, equipment or software, he was always looking for ways to improve the company and the people working for him.”

– Brian Geffe, P.E., President of Mosser

What is the most memorable project you’ve been a part of and why?

There are so many memorable projects, all for different reasons. The one that sticks out to me the most would be our Maumee River Ohio Turnpike Bridge Crossing in Toledo, Ohio. The project started in November of 1997 and was completed in September of 2000. Over 11,200 cy of concrete and over 1.6 million lb of reinforcing steel was used on the decks.

What made it so memorable was the barge work that was involved, as well as the heavy-duty concrete and demolition work we were able to perform. The relationship between the Mosser team, engineer, and owner made it an all-around fun project to be a part of. It even won a 2001 Build Ohio Award!

Maumee River Turnpike

What were some of your greatest challenges as Vice President of the Heavy Civil/Highway Department?

How did you overcome these challenges and can they serve as advice for any of your coworkers?

It is easy to fall into a routine of “bid, bid, bid” work. One of the challenges I faced along with the rest of my Heavy Civil/Highway team is remembering to take a step back to find and recruit new, fresh, talent.

My advice is always be looking to the younger professionals in the industry. They are so fun to work with, energetic, and they bring a lot of new things to the table. They are the future of construction and it is important to spend a lot of time with them to help them develop and grow within the company and their own careers.

What did you like best about working at Mosser?

I think everyone you ask will say this, but, the people [my coworkers].

Our people and the relationships we have with one another is what makes Mosser who we are.

Why did you stay with the company for as long as you did?

I was afforded the opportunity to grow within Mosser throughout my career. Once I felt like I was ready for the “next step,” I was able to move up the ladder and experience new opportunities and challenges.

Again, I really enjoyed working with everyone around me. I was always seeking to challenge myself to learn as much as I can and Mosser was the best place to do that.

What has been the most significant change in culture that you have witnessed since starting your career?

There has been an increase in the number of women working at not only Mosser but in the construction industry as a whole. I’ve witnessed this change as a very positive change in terms of culture. The women I worked with are very focused, keep on task, and pay close attention to details.

What are you most looking forward to about retirement?

I’m definitely looking forward to not having to come into an office every day and sit in the same chair and room that I have been for the past several years. I’m looking forward to an open schedule with more opportunities to travel south with my wife and visit friends.

However, I feel like Mosser is in a time of positive transition. I am sad I will be missing out on all the amazing things we are on track to accomplish in the next five years.

Doug is already enjoying his retirement by being one of the few in-person attendees at the Ohio State vs. Clemson semi-final game of the College Football Playoff National Championship (pictured).

“When I first started at Mosser, Doug made sure to continually support and mentor me while providing new opportunities to grow within the company along with increasing my construction knowledge.  I will always be appreciative to Doug for giving me the opportunity to come to Mosser and continue to grow as a manager and a leader.”

– Chris Carry, P.E., Mosser Heavy Civil/Highway Department Manager