Chad Rhoades

Chad Rhoades is one of the newest members to the Mosser crew. He specializes in ensuring the stability of our computer network. This encompasses planning, developing, upgrading, installing, configuring, maintaining, and supporting all network hardware, servers, and software.

Chad has extensive experience working for large corporations coming from two Fortune 500 companies. He was drawn to Mosser for the family-like atmosphere that allows him to have a work-life balance. He enjoys his weekends now!

Nothing will make you appreciate your family more than serving our country as a Marine. Chad has served three tours in Iraq and created life-long relationships with several fellow Marines. This group of Marines created a charity to support children who have lost a parent while serving in the military. Every year, these generous men go to different towns, seeking out several families to raise money for. This year will be their 5th year doing this charity work. Chad knows the sacrifices our military makes when it comes to children as he has four kids of his own - David (18), Jonathan (17), Isabella (16) and Dominic (14). He always found it tough to leave them behind when it came time to serve, no matter their age.

When Chad isn’t at Mosser, he can be found serving up healthy protein shakes and refreshing clean energy drinks at S.M.S. Nutrition, his nutrition club that just happens to be located close to the Toledo office. He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Jamie, who has the same interest in exotic pets, traveling and enjoying the outdoors.

Thank you for your service, Chad and welcome to the crew!