Dave Stelzer

Dave Stelzer has been with The Mosser Group for the past 16 years as our IT Manager. He coordinates, plans and leads all computer-related activities for Mosser. You can say Dave is “keeping the borders safe.” Dave identifies threats to Mosser through software and technology. He ensures that the hardware and software used by our company is compatible, secure, and up to date with technology to run Mosser efficiently and competitively.

What you may not know about Dave is that he obtained his private pilot’s license in 1995. He took all of his instruction from Griffing Flying Services in Sandusky (the site of the Cedar Point Sports Force complex). He obtained his license knowing that he would have to stop flying to raise his family with his wife of 32 years, Christine. Together they have a daughter, Rachel (Alex), and twin sons, Dan (Sarah) and Nick (Meg). The most recent additions to his brood are his grandchildren Quinn and Lucas. Dave wanted to obtain his license for both the sense of accomplishment and hoping that he would be able to fly again later in life.

In 2019, Dave began studying for the FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot Certification. He obtained his commercial drone license which rekindled his passion for flying. He started the process of re-training and meeting the necessary current requirements in 2020. He took remedial training and by October of 2020, he passed a flight review and was back in the left-hand seat. Dave rented planes from the Fremont Airport until fall of 2021, when he purchased a 1968 Cessna 177 Cardinal. In November of 2021, Dave and the owner of the Fremont Airport flew commercially to Los Angeles. They spent the two days flying his new 177 Cardinal back from Los Angeles to Fremont. Dave says, “It was quite the trip!” The trip took 17 hours with stops in Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Illinois, and finally, Fremont.

These days Dave makes a lot of back-and-forth trips to Louisville, Kentucky, where his daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter live. He’s currently working on his instrument rating. Once he obtains his instrument rating, he would like to become involved with a charitable organization that needs pilots such as Angel Flight.

Wow! Congratulations, Dave! We are proud that you continued your passion for flying and are doing what you love!