Dan Schroeder

Dan Schroeder has been with Mosser for the past 24 years. Promoted from Carpenter Foreman to Superintendent, Dan is a key team member and leader in the field. His experience and leadership was instrumental in the successful completion of the $38.6 million Cedar Point Sports Complex and Sports Medicine Facility and most recently, the Ashley Courthouse structural concrete project, among others. Dan is currently mentoring the next generation of superintendents and is finding it very rewarding to watch their careers grow and ensure that Mosser will be around for generations to come.

Dan isn’t all work and no play! His home in Bradner, Ohio is his “oasis”, and he shares it with his wife of 35 years, Cindy, daughter Sydney, and two golden retrievers, Fin and Mal. Family is everything to Dan, he even finds time to help manage his father's farm which is more like a nature preserve.
When his family wants a little vacation time, Dan would usually take them to the Florida Keys where they would enjoy boating and fishing, however, after a hurricane hit the Keys, he moved up the coast and made his second home in Pine Island, Florida. He’s become somewhat of a “Snowbird”, traveling back and forth enjoying his love of boating and fishing off the west coast of Florida. His golden retriever, Fin is also quite the fisherman, retrieving fish and leaving them for Dan. He has taught him well!

Thank you, Dan, for passing down the career you love to the next Mosser generation! They
are sure to be a success.

Mosser’s glad they didn’t let this fish get away!