Mary-Margaret Boda

Project Manager, Mary-Margaret Boda, came to Mosser with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from Muskingum University and a Masters in Business Administration from Ursuline College. With her diverse and impressive resume, she found her niche at Mosser running many very intense and multifaceted projects, some of which include the BGSU Ice Refrigeration Renovation, new Wood County Senior Center, and record-setting foundation pours for the North Star Bluescope Steel project. Mary-Margaret’s unwavering perseverance allows her to overcome complex project challenges, resulting in successful project completions.

The competitiveness that drives Mary-Margaret also made her a very successful and feared athlete in her collegiate years where she received various accolades and athletic awards including finishing fifth in the nation at the College World Series. Her passion for sports and the outdoors was passed down to the many athletes she coached and recruited at Ursuline College.

These days, Mary-Margaret can be found coaching younger generations where she shares the athletic experience and wisdom she gained over the years in addition to the fundamental skills of communication, motivation, and teamwork. The rewards of her commitment to coaching do not come from a winning season, but the gratitude the kids have for her and the growth she sees in them. When she’s not coaching, Mary-Margaret can be found backpacking, kayaking, golfing, skiing or mountain biking.

Now you know where that fierce competitive nature and drive comes from when you join the Mosser Fitness Challenge! Mosser is very lucky to have Mary-Margaret on our team - we wouldn’t want it any other way!