Matt Otermat

With over 32 years of experience, Matt Otermat is one of Mosser’s most experienced Estimators. He graduated from the University of Toledo with a Finance Degree and has found the perfect fit developing accurate and timely construction estimates, and budgets while coordinating pre-construction activities in conjunction with the Project Manager. He’s versatile in estimating the many diverse sectors such as industrial, educational, and public work. Matt’s been very successful with many exciting projects for Mosser some of which were, Fremont City Schools, Sandusky Schools, Rocky River High School and most recently, City of Bowling Green, new Administration Services Building and the list goes on!

Matt Otermat was born to work at Mosser, you could say it’s in his DNA. In 1974, four employees, Robert Weiler, Robert Moyer, E.M. Otermat (Matt’s grandfather), and Donald Gloer acquired Mosser from bankruptcy trustees after being sold to a conglomerate that filed bankruptcy, thus forming Mosser’s parent company “WMOG”. Their actions not only saved the company, put perhaps more importantly saved over 400 jobs. In 1985, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was established so this would never happen again. His father, James Otermat, came to work at Mosser in 1964 and was a former Executive Vice President, Treasurer, President and CEO. His family lineage at Mosser is quite impressive and not only were work ethics instilled in Matt, but family values were as well.

Matt spends a lot of free time with his three children and their growing families, Nate (Sierra) Otermat, Amber Otermat (John), and Mandy. As well as his two newest editions, Emmett and Wyatt. He is quite the chef in the family and loves cooking for family gatherings. He also enjoys going to breweries where he can be found cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes or the Pittsburgh Steelers. This year, he will be cheering on Cincinnati since this is where his youngest, Mandy, has chosen to go to college this fall!

It is apparent that Matt and his family have showed us all what hard work, dedication and family values can do. Thank you, Matt for showing us what the “Mosser Family” is all about!