Mosser’s Fleet of Intelligent Dozers are Enhancing Work at the Arche Solar Farm

We often say the site is the single largest variable on most new construction projects. Mosser’s Site and Heavy Highway Division has been driving applications that make production more efficient and mitigate risk. Mosser was recently featured in the Spring edition of Columbus Equipment Company ColumbusConnection for the implementation of Intelligent equipment. The article showcases three of our Intelligent dozers being operated by the Arche Solar Farm Project Team. The equipment helps the team keep quantities on track, creates less risk of overcutting soil, and ultimately reduces the number of workers needed for grading and grade checking. Beyond the labor savings, our projects have been seeing a 10 -15% increase in efficiency and production. Mosser will continue to look for opportunities to apply innovation to the delivery process to maintain a competitive edge in an evolving marketplace.

Check out the full article here

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