Partnership Between UToledo Police Department and Ohio Highway Safety Patrol Continues to Build

A partnership between the University of Toledo and the Ohio State Highway Patrol has been building, quite literally, on the corner of Secor Road and Dorr Street in Toledo, Ohio.

This new Public Safety Center will replace the current University of Toledo, or UToledo, Police Department located on the UToledo’s main campus. The Ohio State Highway Patrol will also be relocating to the Center from its current post off of Airport Highway. The new location is just minutes away from both I-75 and I-475. This will allow the Highway Patrol respond to calls in areas such as Oregon, Ohio, considerably faster than their current location in Swanton.

Mosser was awarded two individual packages for this project; the civil/early sitework package and the single prime general contract.

The civil/early sitework package included sitework and Underground Utilities which were completed in the Fall of 2019.

A Rocky Start

During excavation for the building’s foundation and footers, the team discovered foundations from a previous structure and building debris that if not removed, would compromise the new foundations for the Public Safety Center. The Mosser team resolved the issue by excavating the bad soil and debris, removing it from the site, and replacing it with backfill gravel and lean concrete. Once this was complete, the new foundations and footers were poured.

The Work Ahead

Since the ground breaking in March, the team completed the storm shelter, located in the center of the building which also serves as a locker room area.  Additional work included setting structural steel, installing bar joists and decking, and framing exterior metal stud walls. With the metal stud framing in place, the team has begun placing 9-gauge steel plates on the shear walls at the front of the building. These plates prevent high wind speeds from damaging the interior of the building versus other exterior materials such as vinyl siding. The concrete subfloor is on schedule to be installed this week.

The shared facility will include even more amenities such as a workout area for the staff, various offices, interview and evidence rooms and a space for in-custody processing.

The project is currently on budget and schedule for substantial completion on November 30, 2020. At that time, UToledo and Highway Patrol will add their personal touches on the facility before the staff settles in during December.

As a company that knows the value of a good partnership, Mosser is excited to be a part of creating a facility that will foster a new partnership with UToledo Police and Ohio Highway Patrol for years to come.

For more on this project, view the official University of Toledo press release on the facility here.

This rendering from Richard L. Bowen & Associates Inc. of Cleveland shows what the new Safety Center may look like when finished.

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