Bowling Green Water Treatment Plant Microfiltration

Bowling Green, Ohio

Mosser served as the general contractor for this City of Bowling Green Water Treatment Plant Microfiltration project, completing concrete, demolition, process pipe, and microfiltration equipment installation work while the existing facility remained in service.

The City of Bowling Green’s objective was to double the capacity of the existing microfiltration system by adding two new microfiltration trains. To create space for the trains, the existing chemical feed system and multi-tech tanks needed to be removed. Additionally, the existing bulk chemical transfer pumps and softener motors also had to be upgraded with new equipment for the added capacity.

During the construction phase of the project, existing piping was found to be in conflict with the proposed layout of the new pipes. Mosser’s in-house process engineers detailed a new layout to avoid these conflicts and finish on schedule. The project was also completed under-budget, allowing the owner to add additional items beyond their original objectives.