Sarah Street Improvements

Tiffin, Ohio

Mosser was awarded the Sarah Street Improvement project through a limited partnership agreement between ODOT and the City of Tiffin, Ohio. The right of way for the project extended between the limits of East Perry Street and Greenfield Street to create a separation between the existing alley and the railroad.

The conditions of the alley were deteriorating, the ground was uneven with several potholes and the limited amount of lighting and separation from the railroad was unsafe drivers and pedestrians.

Property was acquired from CSX Railroad, Heidelberg University and the Sandusky County-Seneca County-City of Tiffin Port Authority to perform the project, which included:
• reconstruction of the widened roadway
• on-street parking
• installation of over 1,500 ft of storm sewer
• 11,834 sf of sidewalk
• over 5,000 sf of stamped concrete sidewalk
• 22 decorative light luminaires
• 674 ft of ornamental fence
• seven stone columns

The Sarah Street project did present a few challenges along the way, such as poor subgrade conditions that required approximately 3,000 sy of subgrade material under the planned roadway for concrete stabilization. Additional unforeseen conditions were encountered including over 1,700 ft of gas line removal as well as hundreds of railroad ties that were left in place after an existing railroad bed was decommissioned. The new street created additional parking for Heidelberg University, ease of access for deliveries at the surrounding businesses and improved safety and landscaping of the area. Mosser overcame these hurdles through open communication with the owner and solid relationships with quality subcontractors that worked with the Mosser team to provide solutions to all the challenges. Even with the unforeseen conditions, the project was completed and opened to traffic more than three weeks ahead of the schedule!