Collins Park Water Treatment Plant Basin 7 & 8

Toledo, Ohio

The construction of Collins Park Basins 7 and 8 provided additional capacity and longevity for the City of Toledo’s current water treatment facility. Prior to this project, the Collins Park water treatment plant consisted of six basins, each capable of treating 20 million gallons of drinking water each day. With the addition of Basins 7 and 8, the City of Toledo can complete routine maintenance on the original six basins without impacting the City’s overall water production.

Prior to the start of construction, existing utilities were relocated to allow excavation of the new basins. The foundation design for the south filters included a plan to stockpile soils and monitor settlement for up to six months after utilities were relocated. Due to the amount of traffic in this area, Mosser proposed a new foundation design that resulted in a better end product to the City of Toledo and saved valuable time on the schedule.

Mosser is known for crafting solutions to come of construction’s most unique project challenges. For example, one of the most complex concrete pours on the project was for the raw water structure. 3D modeling was used to help the crew visualize the steps it would take to successfully execute that structure. Approximately 17,000 cm of concrete was poured throughout the entire project.

This complex project was successfully orchestrated through constant open lines of communication and regular coordination meetings ensuring that construction activities did not affect the City of Toledo’s ability to provide residents safe and abundant drinking water.