Women in Construction & AHA Go Red Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic years sent women’s workforce progress backward. Limited and expensive childcare and school options played a large role in many of them not returning to the labor market.

Mosser is committed to creating forums where all voices are heard, inclusive polices are created and work/life balance is valued and not just a buzzword.

Beyond the new conditions and realities, the construction industry is also tough. It has ridged deadlines and certain roles are labor intensive and must be done in harsh conditions. Our industry acknowledges that we will be limited if it continues to be 90% male dominated. Our women are nothing short of ROCKSTARS and we value the perspectives they bring to our industry. We were elated to showcase them throughout our week-long celebration.

Stress is everywhere and our industry is no stranger to it. Do you know that the number one health threat to women is cardiovascular disease and stress is a big contributor to this? Through the hard work of many women and the American Heart Association, they have created an effective awareness campaign to prioritize screenings and encourage women to not ignore warning signs that has led to a reduction from 1 woman dying every 60 seconds of heart disease to 1 woman in every 80 seconds. While this is progress, we clearly have more work to do. Mosser is proud to have Emma Helvey, Director of Marketing and Business Development, representing Mosser as Co-Chair alongside Andrea Gwyn, Administrator of Mercy Health-Perrysburg Hospital, on the 2022 Go Red for Women Toledo Campaign.

We invite our industry partners to join us as we work to create inclusive and supportive environments for all our workforce—women included. Together we can find better ways to alleviate stress and build collaborative happy teams.

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